How Cell Phone Jammers Work

It Looks Like A Radio But It Is Use To Jam A Cell Phone Frequency

It Looks Like A Radio But It Is Used To Jam A Cell Phone Frequency

Cell phones exist almost everywhere in this current world. It is important to be able to make a call to anyone at whatever time you want. Unfortunately, most movie theaters, restaurants, concerts, churches and shopping malls suffer from the large use of cell phones as not every cell phone user recognizes the time to stop talking. The necessity to limit cell phone users from using their phones in such areas has forced the premise owners to employ the use of cell phone jammers.

A cell phone jammer is an instrument employed to forbid cellular phones from obtaining signals from their service provider base stations.

Operation of a cell phone jammer

Jamming a cell phone is similar to disrupting any kind of radio communication. A mobile phone operates by communicating with the service provider via a base station or a cell tower. Cell towers separate a large area into cells or small areas so as a mobile user moves from a location to another, so is the signal of the phone. The base station passes the signal from one tower to the other. A cell phone jammer broadcasts a similar radio frequency as the mobile phone thus interrupting communication between the base station and the cell phone. We call this action “denial of service assault”. The cell phone jammer restricts the radio spectrum from reaching the cell phone within the range of the jammer.

Cell Phones Jammer System

Cell Phone Jammer System

A cell phone jammer overpowers the cell phone by channeling a signal on a similar frequency as the cell phone but at a higher power thus making the signals to clash and cancel one another out. When a cell phone experiences a low-level interface, it normally tries to add power but the jammer also recognizes the added power and reacts by matching the added power in the mobile phone.

Cell phones operate on two different frequencies, one for listening and the other for talking simultaneously. Some jammers only block one pathway thus affecting both frequency channels. When the jammer blocks one frequency pathway, the cell phone will think that there is lack of service because it will only be able to get one frequency.

Less complex jammers will bar only a single group of frequencies while sophisticated ones will bar different networks at once. Such sophisticated jammers block tri mode or dual mode phones that exchange networks automatically to get an open signal.

Power of a cell phone jammer

The factual range of a cell phone jammer depends on the local environment like buildings and hills that may block the jammer signals and the power of the jammer. A low powered jammer has a range of about 9 meters while the high-powered jammers have a range about the size of a football pitch. Jammers utilized by law enforcement officials can jam up to a range of 1.6 kilometers.


Components of a cell phone jammer

This Little Box Can Block The Signal Of Your Cell Phone

This Little Box Can Block The Signal To Your Cell Phone

a) An antenna to send signals and to provide longer range for individual frequencies.

b) Electronic circuitry such as a tuning circuit, a voltage controlled oscillator, noise generator and an RF amplifier.

c) Power supply that may be from batteries or a standard power outlet.

You should always check your cell phone. If your phone’s battery is okay and you are unable to make a conversation, try walking a few steps from where you are standing as you may be in the range of a jammer.

5 Things You Should Not Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

Keep Your Love Life Away From Gossip And Drama

Keep Your Love Life Away From Gossip And Drama

Friends are forever and they are someone you can talk to about anything. However, some things should not be shared with your friends too. Few of these things are some parts about your relationship. Some parts about your relationship are very private and should be that way.

Do not bring your friends into the fights you have

This has to be number one and probably the most difficult to avoid. If you have just had a fight with your partner then you may like to give a call to your friend and probably even bitch about him or her. This may be your idea of venting out but things can turn ugly when the story travels and becomes into a distorted piece of some dramatic movie. Moreover, it cannot only embarrass your partner but also you once the things are fine between you two.

How is your partner in bed?

Never Share Bedroom Secrets With Your Friends

Never Share Bedroom Secrets With Your Friends

It might be tempting to give into this over a couple of drinks but this should be avoided at any cost. Your friend will never understand the weird fantasy your partner has in the bed and most importantly, once you have shared the bedroom secrets to your friends, they will always have this weird awkwardness with your partner. Moreover, you will surely get embarrassed some day thinking about the details you shared with your friends.

Giving your partner another chance

If you had a big fight and the relationship came on the verge of falling apart then you need to think twice before telling your friends about the details. If you are giving your partner and this relationship another chance then you might regret the fact that you have shared the problems you had in the past. Firstly, your friends will never understand the complexities of the relationship and may always prompt you to break-up by feeding your mind with unnecessary negativities about your partner. Secondly, no matter how hard you try but your partner will never be in the good books of your friends.

Financial problems

It might be ok to discuss your own financial problems with your friends but it is not required at all to share the financial problems of your partner. A relationship is very sacred and there are some boundaries in every relationship. Your friends should not be telling you on how you made a bad decision of choosing your partner because he is facing some financial trouble.

Past life may be for you but not for your friends

Respect The Boundaries In Your Relationship

Respect The Boundaries In Your Relationship

It may be common for couples to discuss their past life but this conversation should remain within the four walls and not shared with anyone else. You might think that your best friend tells you everything but you can never be sure. Even if they do, it is your responsibility to treat this relationship with respect and not break the trust of your partner.

There are some boundaries in every relationship and you should respect this boundary at all times. Your partner may have share with you some moments and they are meant to be secret between you two. Therefore, think twice before you make any part of your relationship public.

The Buzz On Keratin Treatments

Many Women Use The Hair Treatment

Many Women Use This Hair Treatment

What do Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan have in common? Other than their repeated run-ins with the law, both are devotees of keratin treatment or Brazilian Blowout. It is a salon-treatment that is supposed to be the answer to all hair issues. After two hours of treatment, you come out of the salon with shiny, straight and frizz-free hair that can last for several weeks. Who doesn’t want to have Jennifer Aniston’s hair? But before you rush to the nearest salon and plunk down hundreds of dollars, you should know that this hair care treatment is controversial. Here’s the lowdown on keratin hair care that everyone should know:

The basics of Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a naturally-occurring protein in the body. It coats hair, nails and skin with a protective layer that makes them shine. However, factors such as environmental heat, humidity and the application of chemicals strips them of this protection. The idea behind the treatment is to re-infuse the hair with keratin to restore the protection.

The keratin treatment is a hair-smoothing treatment that claims to straighten the hair and remove the frizz. Hair straightening product with keratin is applied to the hair and then sealed with a flat iron. The treatment usually lasts for about 90 minutes or more if you have longer hair. You won’t need a blow dryer or hair iron for several weeks.

The controversy surrounding the treatment

Very Popular Treatment Spite The Controversy

Very Popular Treatment despite The Controversy That Surrounds It

Despite the spectacular results, the Oregon OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Division) sounded the alarm against keratin treatment. According to them, the products used contain formaldehyde, a carcinogen that is linked to nasal cancer and leukemia. Those exposed to keratin products reported eye irritation, nose bleeding and breathing problems. Since there are no agencies regulating the manufacture of keratin products, the safety of the products is left largely to manufacturers. The Cosmetics Ingredients Review recommend that cosmetics should contain no more than .2% formaldehyde. Despite the warning, the Oregon OSHA found most of them contained a whopping 12% formaldehyde! While some claim that their product is formaldehyde-free, it still had formalin, a chemical that turns into formaldehyde when heated.

The other side of the coin

Hair Care Is A Very Important Rutine

Hair Care Is A Very Important Rutine

Despite the warnings, OSHA explained that the effects of keratin treatment can be minimized with proper ventilation and protection. The client is exposed to the chemical for a limited time only. It is actually the salon workers who are at risks as they apply this products several times a week.

In the end, the decision to get a keratin treatment is left to you. If you really want a shiny, frizz-free hair, ask your stylist first whether the product they are using is safe. Go to a reputable salon; better yet, go to one that you trust so that you can be assured of an honest answer. But if you really want to be safe, then don’t get a keratin treatment.

The 5 Best Investments to Spot for 2014

Investing In The Stock Market

Investing In The Stock Market

If you’re looking to make money in 2014 then you need to be certain you’re investing in the right things. There are five great investment options that you need to spot above all others if you’re going to make a profit. These include many options from different parts of the world and in a variety of different fields.

Bond Investments Will Be Strong

Bonds may prove to be appealing among investments in 2014. This comes from how bond prices slipped for the first time in thirty years recently. However, there are plans from the central bank to buy more bonds as the prices go down, thus resulting in lower rates and higher prices. This may cause bonds to become more valuable over time, thus potentially giving you a better return than what you’d get out of traditional stock investments.

MLPs Work in the Energy Field

What Stock To Invest In

What Stock To Invest In

Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs, are useful investments that may work for 2014. This type of investment entails a limited partnership in a security that is very liquid like a publicly traded security but also has tax benefits like what a limited partnership would entail. MLPs in the energy field will certainly be great to invest in as they are projected to have returns of 5% or greater this year. This is particularly the case for ones with low fees.

Electric Vehicle Stocks May Work

It’s also a good idea to look for stocks dedicated to businesses associated with electric vehicles. This will be particularly from how such vehicles will grow in popularity in the near future. This is especially thanks to the growth of Tesla Motors and in the growth of individual electric-based fields for cars. The desire for people to focus on green technology in general will certainly be to the benefit of anyone looking for new ways to get more money out of their investments.

Global Telecommunications Stocks Will Grow

The field of telecommunications is continuing to grow as businesses have stronger demands for products in the field. In addition, these stocks are growing thanks to new acquisitions from companies like Cisco. The profits of such businesses have grown well and many stocks have cash values of at least $20 billion, thus making these relatively safe businesses to invest in.

Euro-Zone Investments Can Be Strong

The Eurozone Businesses Are A Good Investment

Eurozone Businesses Are A Good Investment

The Euro-zone businesses that have struggled during some economic issues over the years will certainly be a thing of the past in 2014. Most analysts in the industry have found that euro-zone stock indexes are estimated to be able to grow up to 10% in value this coming year. This may prove to be something very profitable. This projection comes from how European businesses have started to recover in about the same way that American businesses have recovered in recent years. The trajectory for the recovery seems to be very predictable and sensible.

It may be sensible to see these options for what they are when it comes to investments. These investment options will prove to be appealing as it will be easier for some to get more money off of these investments if they look for what they’re getting into.

5 Tips For Headhunting

Are You A  Headhunter?

Are You A Headhunter?

Headhunting is an art. Headhunters play an essential role in the industry. If you are a new headhunter, you should work hard to improve your skills and master it. Do not be left behind by the masters of recruitment. Remember that not a lot of headhunters have the skills and experience to perform their jobs effectively. There are a lot of challenges along the way. So how can you improve your chances of success? Here are 5 tips for outstanding headhunting.

1. Learn only from the best

As you begin your career, you should only learn from the best and the most experienced recruiters. Examine their behaviors. You can even shadow them. Discover their strategies and adopt them. You do not have to change something that has worked for others. You simply have to stick to them and you will surely reap the same results.

2. Plan what you will say

Finding People Jobs

Finding People Jobs

The phone call can be pretty difficult. Make sure to plan what you will say. You have to know the reason for your call. You should be ready in case they ask who you are and what you can do for them. A gatekeeper might ask for additional information so you should be prepared with your response. Give them a phone number where they can reach you. Do not, by all means, impersonate an organization. It is not acceptable and it is against the law.

3. Prepare your replies

There are times when you can’t speak to the individual you’d like to talk with. Hanging up might rouse suspicion, so prepare your replies. These responses will come in handy when the contact tells you that they are very busy or the person is not in the office or your call is transferred.

4. Make sure to do your research

Take the time to know about the company that has requested for your services. You should know what they do, where their offices are located, the different divisions in the company, the people who run it, and even their products and services.

5. Wisely make use of social media

Being on Twitter and Facebook can be very tempting, but you do not really have to spend too much time on them. LinkedIn is the place to be. It is where you can find a lot of contacts as well as client organizations. You can also see many networks. Being part of these networks is very important for you to access targets.

Use Social Media To Do Your Job More Efficiently

Use Social Media To Do Your Job More Efficiently

A lot of companies rely on headhunters, which means that there are many organizations out there that need your help. If you want to be successful, you should work doubly hard. Success does not come to those who do not persevere. Also, you should not be discouraged whenever you encounter failure. Strive harder. Moreover, you should continue to learn. Do not stop looking for ways to improve your craft. Even the best recruiters make mistakes. Committing errors is normal. What you need to do is to learn from all these mistakes and never commit them again.